The Muppet Master

Can you picture a world without Muppets? Wouldn't the world be much less yellow without Big Bird and much less green without Kermit?

Before 1969, only a few people had heard of Muppets. Then Sesame Street came on the air. Everyone wanted to know who had created the Muppets.

Jim Henson was born in Mississippi in 1936. Around 1946, his family moved to Maryland. As a boy, Jim loved art. Television was a new idea back then. In 1954, when Jim was still in high school, he got his very first TV job. He appeared on a children's show with puppets he had made. One of those puppets was named Pierre the French Rat.

The next year, Jim went to college. While he was there, he got his own TV show, Sam and Friends. The show starred Jim's puppets, called Muppets. One of those Muppets was a frog, who later became a big star.

By 1963, Jim and his Muppets had been guests on many TV shows. Then, in 1966, a woman named Joan cooney asked Jim to make Muppets for a new children's show. The show was Sesamee Street.

The Muppets are now part of TV history.

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