Pre-session Self-assessment Tool for the Professional Development Promising Technologies SAIT

This is a self-assessment tool you are invited to complete before attending the professional development session you have registered for in Calgary, Alberta at SAIT on January 13-14, 2012

Completing this tool will provide you with an overview of your background knowledge and information on a variety of items about Web 2.0 technologies (online internet tools). You will also gain awareness of possibilities and opportunities to discover more in the area of online technologies for your instructional and learning plans.

Your completion of this self-assessment is absolutely voluntary and anonymous.

You are invited to complete the self-assessment on your own and review the feedback for each question and category if you wish too.

This is not a test to keep scores, but a self-practice tool to figure out where to begin the conversation about online technologies.

The data collected from this self-assessment will inform the way in which the session presenters will deal with the tools. This self-assessment also builds a common vocabulary and terminology that we hope we can use during the sessions.

By completing this self-assessment you contribute to inform the professional development session you have registered for.

We thank you for your time and for your interest.

The Pro-D Pro-T Team! :)