The Fish Tank

Susan got a fish tank for her birthday. It was ten gallons.
It sat on a stand. She could look inside better.
There was a light on top. It was very bright.
She set up the pump. She filled the water.

She put rocks in the bottom. They were white and grey.
She put in one catfish. It hid in the rocks.
She put in two plants. They were green.
She put in three goldfish. They had big eyes.
She put in a small castle. It was very nice.
She put in a diver. It had bubbles.

The fish swam around. They looked happy.
The diver floated up and down. He was cool.
The plants waved in the water. They were nice.
The castle looked nice. It had a flag that moved.
The catfish cleaned the glass. He was not cute.

Susan took care of her fish. She watched it for hours.
She really liked her fish tank. It was the best present ever.

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