Vocabulary Lessons 7 & 8 - Quiz 4

Read the passage. Below you will find the sentences from the passage that contain a vocabulary word(s). Choose the best answer based on the way the word is used. Keep in mind, the answer may be the connotative, as well as the denotative meaning of the word. -------------------------------------------------------------- Choose the answer which contain ALL correct options in the set of answers. Keep in mind that if ONE word in the set of answers is incorrect, the entire answer is incorrect. Your answer must be grammatically and semantically correct. This also means that the answer you choose CANNOT contain an answer already written in the text. -------------------------------------------------------------- IT MUST NOT REPEAT ANY INFORMATION ALREADY STATED IN THE PASSAGE THAT EXPRESSES OR IMPLIES THE MEANING OF THE BOLDFACE WORD. --------------------------------------------------------------------- From the reading selection Zora Neale Hurston and Henry Adams: Different Roads, select the synonym(s) which replaces the vocabulary word in this sentence WITHOUT redundancy (repetition) or WITHOUT causing an error in meaning or grammar.

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