Chinese Reading Proficiency Test - Simplified Character Edition - Fall 2012

You have 120 minutes to complete this test. There are six passages, arranged in ascending order of difficulty, on which you will be asked multiple-choice questions or questions to be answered in simple English.

Students with three years of college-level Chinese, or the equivalent, will be in command of the grammar and vocabulary necessary to do this test: they should be able to comprehend the first three passages in full, all the main points in Passage D, and the gist of the contents of Passages E and F. The total score is 100 points (25 questions at 4 points each), with 64 as the minimum passing score and a score between 80 and 92 as optimal.

A full score implies the ability to read Chinese above the third-year level. There is a short bonus question, worth two additional points, at the end of the test.

This quiz is timed.
The total time allowed for this quiz is 2 hours.

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