Juan Bobo Comprehension

Once there was a boy named Juan, who was called him "Juan Bobo," or Silly Juan. He always made silly mistakes, even though he meant well.

One day, his mother asked him to go to the market. She said "Please sell this chicken at the market and buy a bag of rice."

On his way, Juan met a farmer, his children, and their pigs. Juan was not sure how to greet them, but he remembered what his mother had said to a group they met on the road the week before.

"Hurrah! Hurrah! Live Long and be happy!"

But Juan's shouts made the pigs run away.

The farmer yelled angrily at Juan. "The next time you come to a group of people, you should say 'I hope you get two for every one you have.'"

"Oh, I will sir. I will say just that next time." Juan walked away feeling ashamed.

Juan then saw a farmer burning weeds. "I hope you get two for every on you have!" said Juan. The farmer looked at him, confused. He called him over.

"Juan Bobo, do not greet people with those silly words. The next time, offer them your help."

"Oh, I will sir. I will do just that," said Juan, thankful for this advice.

Juan walked off, wishing he did not make so many silly mistakes. He got to the market, sold his chicken, and bought the rice. On his way home, Juan saw two children walking towards him. He did not want to make any more silly mistakes, so he climbed a tree to hide.

The children stopped to rest under the same tree. Soon they started crying. One said, "Do not worry, we will find our way home." The other one said, "No, we won't!"

Juan did not want to say the wrong thing. But then he remembered what he had been told. He climbed down and offered to help the frightened children.

Juan took them to his house where his mother cooked them dinner and let them spend the night. In the morning, Juan and the children found their farm. Juan Bobo felt happy knowing that he had finally done the right thing. In exchange for his kindness, the children's mother gave Juan a goat.

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