Year 12 End of Term 1 Unit Test (Religion and Art)

1.Bibles are permitted.
2.No notes are to be brought into the room.
3.You may not communicate with other students once the test has commenced.
4.Read all instructions carefully.
5.Allocate time carefully.
6.Ensure you have sufficient time to proof read all work.
7.No student is to leave the room until the test time has ended.


8.Answer ALL questions.
9.Choose ONE essay question to answer.
10.Section A (Matching Type) – 11 marks
11.Section B (Short Answers) – 15 marks
12.Section C (Analysis) – 4 marks
13.Section D (Essay) - 10 marks
14. You are not allowed to visit other websites.
15. You are not allowed to copy, send or share an electronic copy of this test.
16. You can submit the test ONCE only; therefore, be very careful not to click 'Submit' when you're not finished.
17. Once finished, close your IPAD, then wait quietly.

This quiz is timed.
The total time allowed for this quiz is 50 minutes.

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