Anna- Study Mode: Sample of Thriving Minds Institute Psychology Oral Exam Online Program

Hello and Welcome to the Thriving Minds Institute Psychology Oral Exam!! This exam is in Study Mode, which means that you will be permitted to see sample responses after each question and move backwards and forwards through questions. It is also not timed. You may respond to question in this mode by typing your answer in the answer box and then pressing submit to compare it to the sample answer. This option is best for assessing the quality of your response and determining which areas you may need to concentrate study time on. Further, you can assess your readiness to take the exam. It is best to write out your answers in this mode. You also have the option to respond orally. For Audio Mode, simply press the "Play audio" below each question. To move on to the next question, simply type any letter in the answer box and submit. The audio option will help you to gain experience and comfort with responding orally during the actual Oral Exam. Before you is a vignette describing a clinical case. Please review the vignette and then read it out loud. When you are finished you may proceed to answer the questions about the case.

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