This Is a Multiple-Choice Post-Test Of The Greek/Latin Roots from 46 - 60 in Book I. This Is A Baseline Assessment Of What You Know After a Week of Direct Instruction. For Each Question, You Will Be Given A Greek Or Latin “ROOT” And You Will Need To Select The Correct Definition/Meaning For That Given “ROOT.” -- Do Your Best, And Keep Your Results To Yourself. Which Means DO NOT Share These Words/Terms/Answers With Anyone In This Facility! Sharing Will Give Those You Tell A Higher Score And Lower Yours (As Well As Distort The Data.)

The First thing that you will see is the GREEK or LATIN "ROOT". Then in brackets [ ] you will find it’s phonetic pronunciation spelled out. Then finally in the parenthesis ( ) you will be told if the "ROOT" is either GREEK or LATIN in origin. READ CAREFULLY and do your best to pair things correctly.


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