Ed 107 Final Exam

Dear Students

Kindly take the survey before proceeding to your final exam. For better result, do avoid clicking the "back" arrow. All students' names on this exam are traced.

Secondly, to those who failed to present their demo teaching, we'll have it on WED. Students under EdMath 102 are requested to take the ONLINE exam after taking this exam. Please coordinate with Samillano for its' password. Please disseminate this information.

Thirdly, ALL STUDENTS WHO FAILED TO TAKE THE ONLINE EXAM WILL HAVE THEIR INC GRADE. (Please inform others esp to those who are always absent.)

All CLASS SECRETARIES are requested to send your final reports esp the attendance and reporting grades in my email (ASAP). Please give the MOA to me this thurs.

Fourth, for the requirements, the ALBUM, I've extended the deadline this WED (until 12nn). All students must coordinate with your leaders and class secretaries. Kindlly place them on my table.

Fifth, the LET Reviewer was already given (with password). Please sign the MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) before asking the said document to your classmate.

Lastly, all students under me are requested to see me this THURSDAY (9-11am) for you to determine whether you have a grade or you have INC. Please comply all your REQUIREMENTS to AVOID FUTURE PROBLEMS!

Thank you.


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