Quarterly 4 - PHOTOGRAPHY I-II Make-up exam

There are four kinds of question: true/false, word bank, multiple choice, and essay.
1. For true / false questions - click on the correct answer.
2. To see the word bank choices, click on the blue arrow next to the blank box. When you select an answer from the word bank that answer will appear in the box.
3. For multiple choice questions click on the correct answer BUT... READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY!!!
Some multiple choice questions answer choices include multiple correct answers followed by an option such as "all of the above" or "both a and b are correct." Be sure to select the answer that includes ALL THE CORRECT answers.
4. For the Essay questions you may give your answers in either paragraph or "bullet" form BUT... be sure to answers ALL PARTS of each essay question.
Students are also required to complete a separate "hands-on" component that will be explained on the day of the exam.

This quiz is timed.
The total time allowed for this quiz is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

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