Reading QUIZ on "Otoonah" (10 points = 100%)

This is an open text quiz, so please use the red anthology and try to locate the answers in the text. This quiz has 11 questions, but in Aspen, the quiz will be out of 10 points. So you have 11 opportunities to get your 10 points or 100%. If you get 11 points, you will see your score in Aspen as 10.5. Extra credit points on quizzes receive 1/2 a point in Aspen.

Respond to these questions about this native Inuit legend. "In their bitter-cold world, the Inuit peoples have lived by an unwritten rule: help one another to survive and find food. This legend, whose authorship is unknown, tells how this rule was broken by one family of the Sugpiaq -- the people who first settled Kodiak Island, off the coast of Alaska."

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