The Bryn Mawr School Spanish Placement Test - 2016/2017 - (copy)

¡Bienvenida! This test will help determine which of our levels of Spanish is best for you. You should not spend more than one hour on this test (unless you have extended time). IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE OUTSIDE RESOURCES, including ON-LINE DICTIONARIES or TRANSLATORS. Answer each question to the best of your ability. You MAY skip a question if you have not studied the information being targeted. PLEASE NOTE: When you reach the fill-in portion of the test, you will need to enter characters with accent marks and other Spanish punctuation. To do so, click on the special characters just below these instructions. You may want to select Click to float so that the special characters will follow you throughout the test and you won't have to continually scroll upward to select them. You may return to any question on the test by scrolling upward, but do not click Submit answers until you have completely finished. Once you submit your answers, you will not be able to change any of them. Do your best to answer the questions, and RELAX--we just want to make sure to place you in the right class from the very beginning. ¡Suerte!


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