Surgical Scrub Brushes are used to clean and disinfect the hands of the surgical staff prior surgical procedure.
We offer three different scrub brushes: Dry sterile one; Impregnated with CHG and Impregnated with Povidone-Iodine.
OR division is now launching a new Dry Sterile Scrub Brush that is more price competitive than the current one!

The QuickSuite® portfolio is very well known among our customers as they like using it for their surgical procedures.
Two new developments are being made to expand the QuickSuite line of products and satisfy more customer needs. Gyneco QuickSuite Kit is being developed that can be used by our customer during their gynecological procedures. The kit contains: Short Sahara Sheet, Lift Sheet and Arm-board covers.
In addition to this, to respond to aggressive market prices, Economy Sahara sheet is being developed that should be used by our customers for non-invasive procedures or procedures that do not need moisture management due to the less absorbency capacity than our regular Sahara sheet.

The Emesis bags are widely used for containing the vomit of patients and easy clean up and disposal of it. The bag is strong and plastic with a plastic ring on top that helps in closing the bag appropriately and disposing it easily.
The Emesis Bags are used in many different areas of the hospitals, such as: wards, post-operative, emergency room, oncology etc. They can also be used in ambulance service and cancer treatment centers. Together with the emesis bags we also offer Wall dispenser in which emesis bags can be stored for easy take out.

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