Biology IH Third Quarter Exam 2016-2017!!!! - Due Completed By Midnight 2017-03-24!!!

BIOLOGY QUARTER 3 EXAM!!! Exam contains 100 questions. Score will be based on percentage correct. This is a real exam! It is worth 20% of your quarter grade. Tackle this exam as you would your final semester exam-it is given to be a warmup for the final semester exam. There are 100 questions on this exam, and the time for the exam is 100 minutes. Tackle this exam with vigor and with confidence born from hard work and study to show your content knowledge in Biology!!! It may give you a heads-up on your preparation for the real exam. Good luck!!! REMEMBER: YOU HAVE ONLY ONE (1) ATTEMPT FOR THIS EXAM.

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The total time allowed for this quiz is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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Biology/Chemistry Instructor
SWCTA - SouthWest Career Technical Academy
Las Vegas, NV