Identify the gospel in which the following scriptures are found. PLEASE READ and mark your identification based on these characteristics of the gospels.

MATTHEW: Not the first written, but placed first to make the transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament through the genealogy of Jesus traced back to Abraham with over 60 references to the Old Testament through the phrase, "It is written..." Matthew is the teaching gospel written by a Jew to the Jews about a Jew.

MARK: The first gospel written. It is that quick, fast and in a hurry gospel. Mark doesn't include the birth of Jesus but gets right to the point with the mission of Jesus. His gospel is the shortest because he rushes through this fast paced gospel by using such words as "immediately, quick, rapid, fast, again, then." He starts most of his sentences with "And" "Then" or "Again."

LUKE: This physician wrote about women, children, the poor, despised, and downtroddden. As a doctor, he wrote about sickness and gave thorough details about the birth of Jesus tracing the genealogy back to Adam. Luke is that slow paced gospel making a point of telling how things "happened." His phrase, "It came to pass" occurs over 50 times.

JOHN: Themes in this gospel are love, the Word of God, being born again and the Holy Spirit. John portrays the person of Jesus and His relationship with His Father. The word "Father" is used over 100 times. There are seven "I Am's" in John personifying who Jesus is through ordinary examples, symbols and metaphors.

Find the key words and phrases to help you identify the following gospels.

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