Diagnose your weaknesses (2) : The Exam Tasks Paper One

There are 21 questions in this quiz and they cover each of the exam tasks in Paper One. Looking at your marks and the feedback for each question will show you which tasks you are weakest in and need to work on before the exam. To do the follow up reading, copy and paste the web reference into another tab on your browser.

You'll see the correct answers when you click on "Submit" at the end of the quiz. However, if you are doing a Delta Module one course with us, Sue will also mark the open-ended questions, comment on your answers and leave follow up reading for you to do if it's a weak area. Check the Odd Bits section in the right hand sidebar of the website for how up to date the commenting is - but it's usually done within about 24 hours.

If you're not yet doing a course with us but need help before taking the exam, check out our online courses - our full course if you haven't yet started studying, or our Six Week Revision and Exam Preparation Programme and Intensive Weekend Seminars if you're about to take the exam. See http://thedeltacourse.blogspot.com/ and click on the link in the sidebar to the course that interests you.

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