Chapter 3 Test (with audio)

For questions 1-10: Look over the statements carefully. Then listen to the conversation between Bernardo and Lupita. Indiciate whether the statement is "cierto" or "falso"

For questions 11- 15- Read the paragraph about María Elena's schedule. Then read the sentences that follow below and decide whether the sentence is "cierto" or "falso."

For questions 16-19: Look at the timepieces in the photo attached and choose the answer that best describes the time represented.

For questions 20-25- Read the statements and choose the one that means the OPPOSITE

For questions 26-32- Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb SER.

For questions 33- 37- Beto has four classes today. You must place the classes in correct chronological order.

For questions 38-43- Complete the sentences by rewriting the adjective in parentheses so that it correctly matches the subject of the sentence.

For questions 44-49- Explain what subjects you and your classmares like by completing the sentences with the correct indirecto object pronoun OR form of GUSTAR.

For questions 50 and 51- choose whether the following cultural statement is CIERTO or FALSO.

For questions 52-55- According to Gloria's schedule, decide whether the statements that follow are CIERTO or FALSO.

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The total time allowed for this quiz is 50 minutes.

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