Chapter 4 Test (with audio)

Modified Test for Sampson.

Items 1-5 Listen to Pilar tell you what her friends do. Match her statements to the appropriate pictures.

Items 6-10 Listen as María tells you what she sees. Match her statements to the appropriate pictures.

Items 11-15 Read what Raúl does after school and during his free time. Respond to the statements that follow with sí or no.

Items 16 - 20 Indicate whether the statements are cierto o falso based on the map.

Items 21-30 Amanda is explaining how she and her family spend a typical Saturday. Complete her description with the correct form of the missing verbs.

Items 31-35 Complete the sentences about who does free-time activities together with con and the correct pronoun.

Items 36-43 Delia calls her friend Lydia after school. Complete their conversation with the correct forms of the verb estar.

Items 44-50 Read what different people need or want to do, then choose the sentence that logically explains WHERE each person or group will be.

Items 51-53 Complete the series using days of the week.

Items 54-55 Read the brief dialogue and answer the questions in ENGLISH.

This quiz is timed.
The total time allowed for this quiz is 50 minutes.

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Sra. Radke
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