BBA2_S4_WEDNESDAY 8:30 CLASS_Final Exam_Improve Your Business English_Sandra RAHEM

EXAM FOR WEDNESDAY 8:30 CLASS Improve Your Business English

This is a CLOSED book exam. You cannot use any notes or documents and you cannot open any other windows/docs/files on your laptop.

The questions in this final exam are based on:
1- the article on Cultural Intelligence entitled:
"The 'hidden talent' that determines success"
2-the lessons, articles and/or ppts on emails, Digital Marketing and Negotiations.
3-The Quizlet created by students in our class this semester.
4-Emailing lessons

The questions are randomized.

Read each question carefully and choose the BEST answer.

Remember, once you submit your answer, you cannot change it.
This final quiz is 20% of your final grade.
Good luck and Happy Summer!


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