A Meal for a Caterpillar

Have you ever found a hole in your sweater? You may have wondered, "How did that get there?" You know you didn't catch it on a nail. It didn't have a hole in it when you put it away.

The culprit may have been a moth. Actually, moths don't eat sweaters. A sweater is warm and soft, so it's a good place for a moth to lay eggs. When those eggs hatch, very hungry caterpillars come out of them. Because they are so hungry, they need something to eat right away.

These caterpillars love to eat wool, silk, and fur. These materials all come from animals. For some reason, caterpillars don't usually eat fibers that come from plants. They also don't like man-made fibers such as polyester.

Because those caterpillars fill up on tasty treats in your closet, they grow and change. Soon, they turn into moths. You should try to catch them as soon as they become moths. If not, they will lay eggs. Then the eggs will hatch, causing the whole hungry cycle again!

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