Database - Data/Field Type (30) - 09-05-18

- Short text (used to be called "text") - short information, text, alphanumeric data, (ex: last name, street address).
- Number - numerical values
- Currency - monetary values (money)
- Date/Time - (self explanatory)
- Yes/No - Yes and no options (logical)
- Lookup & Relationship - list of options that can be retrieved from a table
- Rich text - text that can be formatted using color and font controls.
- Long text - long blocks of text, paragraphs (ex: detailed product description (used to be called "memo")
- Attachment - attached images, files, documents, charts, etc.
- Hyperlink - a link that will take you to another location

(shared - 5.01 DB - Tables - Data Types -- 5.01 Database Tables - Data Types)

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