Power Standard #7 - Characters: Conflicted & Motivated (P)

There are 8 questions to test where you stand with Characterization & Character Motivation

You will be given short excerpts or summaries of several different types of texts. Use your knowledge of 3 Steps to analyzing a character and the word MOTDISTEAL

1. Read each question first. Identify what the questions is asking you to prove (answer).
2. Read the text to help you determine the answer. Ask yourself: What's the evidence aka proof.
3. Eliminate answers that ARE NOT supported by the text.
4. Select your answer.

There are 8(EIGHT)questions on this formative assessment.

You will have only 1(ONE) attempt at this formative assessment.

When you're done, record your formative assessment score and circle your learning level.
See the learning levels below:

Good Luck!!


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