Activity on Personification, a Ancient Figure of Speech #2

This is an activity, not a quiz.

Personification is a figure of speech in which the author presents or describes concepts, animals, or inanimate objects by endowing them with human attributes or emotions.

Personification grabs the reader's attention and brings inanimate things to life. It ANIMATES our world, and an ancient part of us responds to that. Before humans had monotheistic religions, we had polytheistic religions with a variety gods, and many of them represented forces of nature. Like Poseidon representing the sea and emotions, or Thor or Zeus wielding their fiery thunderbolts, these massive forces animated nature. So personification has its roots here.

Personification adds vividness to expressions, as we tend to look at the world from a human perspective. Because it is easier for us to relate to something that is human, or has human traits, personification helps readers understand, sympathize with, or react emotionally to non-human characters.

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