Parties and Elections

FP.C&G.2.8 Analyze America’s two-party
system in terms of the political and
economic views that led to its
emergence and the role that
political parties play in American
politics (e.g., Democrat,
Republican, promotion of civic
responsibility, Federalists, AntiFederalists,
influence of third
parties, precincts, “the political
spectrum,” straight ticket, canvass,
planks, platform, etc.).
Aligns to:
Section 2 (1)
a. The Creator-endowed inalienable
rights of the people.
c. Frequent and free elections in a
representative government.
d. Rule of law.
e. Equal justice under the law.
f. Private property rights.
i. Individual rights as set forth in the
Bill of Rights.
j. Individual responsibility.
Section 2. (3a) “…excerpts or portions of
writings, documents, and records that
reflect the history of the United States,
including, but not limited to,
iii. the United States Constitution,
v. the national motto,
vii. the Pledge of Allegiance,
viii. the writings, speeches, documents,
and proclamations of the founding
fathers and Presidents of the United
x. acts of the Congress of the United
States, including the published text of
the Congressional Record.”

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