Checklist for Department Safety Requirements

A Personal Eyewash Unit is a supplemental eyewash (e.g. bottle of saline) that supports plumbed or gravity fed units for delivering immediate flushing fluid. Some extracts from the SOP that are relevant to the PSC/IOP environment are:

Personal Eyewash Units (e.g. Squeeze bottles)
Note: Personal eyewash units provide immediate flushing fluid of a limited volume. They do not meet the criteria for plumbed or self-contained eyewash equipment and are meant only as a supplement to such equipment for chemical exposures. They may be used for immediate flushing following a biological exposure in IOPs or PSCs where no chemicals are handled.

As the Patient Services Personal Eyewash Units SOP has been archived, we will now document the maintenance of the Personal Eyewash Squeeze bottles in the PSC/IOP on the East Region Safety Checklist that was sent out by the EHS department last August.

This checklist is good for one calendar year. Document the site and year in the upper right hand corner of the form.

1- Check the personal eyewash bottles for seal, expiration and cloudiness. Document by dating and initialing monthly.

2- Check the First Aid Kit for expired items. Document by dating and initialing monthly.

3- As we currently using the Patient Services Quarterly Specimen Refrigerator Disinfection Log to document disinfection of the refrigerators in the region, we do not use this chart for documentation for refrigerators as of yet.

4- Ensure there are two Post Exposure Management Packets in each PSC.

5- Test the smoke detectors. Document by dating and initialing monthly.

6- Check the spill kits biannually. Document by dating and initialing.

7- Replace the batteries of the smoke detector. Document by dating and initialing in March.

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