Anansi's Stories Comprehension

A long time ago in Jamaica, Tiger was the ruler of all the other animals and did whatever he wanted to do. Even the stories the animals told each other were called "Tiger Stories"

Anansi was a small spider. He thought it was not very fair that Tiger had everything he wanted, while no one noticed him. Anansi wanted to feel special, too, so he decided to ask Tiger that the stories be named after him.

"You want them to be called 'Spider Stories'?" Tiger asked.

"Yes," said Anansi.

"I earned what I have because I am the strongest animal." Tiger replied. "If you want the stories, you must bring me a gourd of bees. Only then will I name the stories after you."

There was much talking among the other animals. How was a weak spider going to take a whole hive of bees without getting stung?

All that night Anansi thought about what to do. By the time morning came, he had a plan. He went into the woods and found a large empty gourd. Then he walked toward Queen Bee's hive. He began talking to himself, "How many? How will I know how many?" he worried aloud.

Queen Bee asked, "What is wrong, Anansi?"

"I made a bet with Tiger, but I am afraid that I am going to lose it," Anansi replied. He looked sadly at the empty gourd.

"What was the bet?" she asked.

"I bet him that I could guess how many bees would fit in this gourd. But I just don't know the answer!" he answered.

"Well," said Queen Bee, "maybe we can help. We will fly into the gourd, and you can count us as we pass through the opening. Then we can fly out, and you will win your bet."

"That would be wonderful!" said Anansi, with a gleam in his eye.

The queen went in first, and the other bees followed, one by one. Anansi counted each one. When they wer all in, Anansi plugged the gourd and ran back to Tiger.

When Tiger heard the buzzing in the gourd, he knew Anansi had earned his stories. And from that day onward, the stories told in Jamaica have been called "Spider Stories."

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