52. Ch. 13 - Using Capital Letters, Hyphens, Apostrophes, & Quotation Marks Ex. #14 Due 2/3

Please read pages 234-236 before completing the exercises. Type the sentence, inserting capital letters, hyphens, apostrophes, italics/underlining and/or quotation marks where needed. If the sentence is correct, type CORRECT in the blank.

For example: Because he was thirty-five, he said, I doubt that harvard college or yale university will accept such an old students application.

Answer: Because he was thirty-five, he said, "I doubt that Harvard College or Yale University will accept such an old student's application."

For example: She said, I have read The Sun Also Rises six times.

Answer: She said, "I have read _The Sun Also Rises _ six times."

REMEMBER: Do not type a space between a letter and quotation marks, and other puctuation is usually placed inside quotation marks. When a hypen or apostrophe is used, there are no spaces before or after them. See the example above. You cannot italicize when you type your answer, so use _ before the words you want italicized and again after the last word you want italicized. See the example above.

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