Ellie and Molly

(1) Ellie and Molly were walking in the hot sun. Ellie was sweating, but she was happy as they went along. Molly didn't know where they were going, but hse seemed to content to be walking with Ellie. When they arrived at the shop, they saw a long line of people. Ellie and Molly went to the end of the line. Ellie looked ahead. She counted the people ahead of them. Ten people were waiting in line in front of Ellie and Molly. It was so hot! Waiting in line was going to be very hard.

(2) Molly looked around at all of the people. She noticed a white dog in line ahead of them. She wanted to go see the dog, but Ellie grabbed her collar. "No," she said. "Stay here with me."

(3) Ellie looked around again. Now there were only five people ahead of them in line. Ellie tried to be patient. She studied the sign on the wall. It was easy to decide what she wanted. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and patted Molly on the head. Ellie know that Molly was hot, too. But Molly wasn't complaining.

(4) They were next in line at last. Molly brushed up against Ellie's leg as if to push her ahead. Ellie scratched Molly's neck. "Hold your horses, Molly. It's almost our turn." Ellie stepped up and peeked over the counter. "I'll have a single scoop of chocolate chip, please. And may I have a bowl of water for my friend?'

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