Unit 3: Test for Intro to Chemistry 2020-2021

Read all of the following directions:

At this time you should have the Google Meet, this assessment, and a periodic table open in separate tabs. You will also need a calculator. You can look through your notes (paper or PDF version) but you will not receive extra time if you do not finish. You should have a working knowledge of these concepts going into the test.

You must remain on the Google Meet for the duration of the assessment and keep your camera on. When finished, you will click the submit button on the bottom of the page. Do not close out of the tab until you confirm with me that I have received your results. If you are virtual, you can simply send a message through the chat and I will check for you. If you submit your assessment but accidently skipped a question, you will receive a prompt warning you about that. You can save your progress and then reenter in order to answer the question you missed.

If you have an IEP/504 for extended time and you wish to use it, at the end of class click the save button and send me an email to schedule a time to finish it. The assessment will be closed out until I reopen it for you. We can either meet up through Google Meet after school today or tomorrow.

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