Detachment Services Assistant - Maidstone

Welcome to the written assessment for the Detachment Services Assistant position, CR-05 group and level with the RCMP, Maidstone Detachment.

You will be given 1.5 hours to complete this written assessment which will be assessing the following:
• EQ4 – Ability to deal effectively with situations relating to police matters
• EQ5 – Ability to provide financial support services
• EQ6 – Planning
• EQ8 – Written communication (to be assessed throughout the exam)

Please ensure that you read each question carefully and make sure that you answer each question as completely as possible.

We expect that you will not use additional resources during this assessment other than what you have been provided.

This is a confidential process. We expect honesty, integrity and that you will not discuss the questions with anyone as you may be placing other candidates at an advantage, thereby disadvantaging yourself.

We are committed to accommodating those candidates with disabilities. It is your responsibility to inform us if you require an accommodation.

If, before or during this assessment, you feel physically or mentally unwell to a level of severity that could interfere with your performance, it is your responsibility to inform us that you cannot begin or continue the assessment at this time. If you choose to begin or continue the assessment despite feeling unwell, you agree to accept the results.

Good luck.


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