Digital Lit Semester Test - December 2006

Read the following two passages and answer the multiple choice questions below.

Passage One

Esperanza looked out the window. Thousands of acres of tilled soil were becoming food for la tormenta and the sky was turning into a brown swirling fog. Already, she could not see the trees just a few yards away. Then the sound began. Softly at first, like a gentle rain, then harder as the wind blasted the tiny grains of sand against the windows and metal roofs. The dirt showered against the cabin, pitting everything in its path.
"Get away from the window," warned Irene. "The dirt and wind can break the glass."
The finer dust seeped inside and they tried to seal the door by stuffing rags under it.

Passage Two

It was sweet, as sweet as the little packets of sugar I eat at Dunkin Donuts, sweeter maybe. More like Log Cabin pancake syrup right out of the bottle the way I drink it if Mom even for a second lets it stay out on the counter. And the pie was almost as runny as the syrup. It wasn't gelled up like the cafeteria cherry pie. So I picked the tip crust off and ate that first while I stirred my finger around trying to find the shoes and flies. I just kept sticking my two curled fingers in and licking them off and the more I ate the faster I wanted to eat it and nothing else mattered.

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