Romeo & Juliet Project

Choose one project from the list below.

(The project for this unit may not be completed with a partner.)

Pay careful attention to the due date for the project. **The project is due on March 12, 2007.

Projects will be graded on correctness, eye appeal and neatness, completeness, creativity, difficulty of the project selected, and the amount of research done to complete the project.

If you choose a project that requires written work, the written work must be TYPED. If you use outside material, you need a works cited. Everyone will present to the class. When presenting the project to the class, use one note card. Maintain eye contact with the audience. Do not read to the audience. Follow all of the teacher’s special directions.

DON'T FORGET TO COMPLETE A LOG ENTRY HERE FOR EACH DAY THAT YOU DO RESEARCH. BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE DATE OF THE RESEARCH: FOR EXAMPLE TO DAY IS FEB 20. TODAY I RESEARCHED... Also, include 2 pieces of information that you researched along with the URL where you found the info. You may clik on the two files below marked "Download Now" to view examples of projects. Once the file has downloaded and opened, click on Slide Show---> View Show to watch it play.

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