IONIC and Simple COVALENT Bonding (2007Feb19-Feb20) - 316

You are advised NOT to attempt this quiz until you have completely revised and mastered the topics on IONIC and COVALENT bonding (simple molecules). You are only allowed 1 attempt in this quiz - so give it your best shot. There are 10 Multiple-Correct questions in this quiz. Complete them in 16 minutes or less. Write your FULL name in the box "LAST NAME". Write your class in the box "FIRST NAME". Your responses, the correct answers and your score are displayed after you click on the Submit button (You are advised to save a soft copy OR print a copy of the report summary for your own reference. This will be useful for the purposes of revision) Seek the attention of your teachers immediately if your score falls below 80%. GOD bless [alexteoh /2007FEB19 / 2313H]

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