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4th Grade Reading Comprehension (Set 2) - Smoke

_____Early one November morning, smoke began to rise out of the sea and blacken the sky. What was the cause of the smoke? Had a ship caught on fire? Ships from nearby waters rushed to the scene to look into the cause of the mysterious clouds of smoke. Would they find a VESSEL IN DISTRESS? What else could cause smoke to rise up over the ocean?
_____Right from the ocean floor there was bubbling and roaring. The ocean bottom, more than 400 feet below the surface of the sea, had split. What sailors saw when they reached the smoky scene was not a burning ship at all. What they WITNESSED was the birth of a volcano. The smoke was from an undersea volcano. The lava from this volcano, which first erupted in 1963, piled high. It eventually grew into an island which was named Surtsey.
_____If you look at a recent map or globe, you should be able to find the island of Surtsey. Look at the portion of the map or globe that shows the northern Atlantic Ocean. In the North Atlantic, Surtsey is located south of Iceland.

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