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Who Wants To Be An Aarons Gift Millionaire

One day their was a boy named Aaron who found a pidgeon with a broken wing when he went rollerblading in Tompkins Square Park. He named the pidgeon Pidge. The same day Aaron fixed the pidgeon by healing his wing. A couple weeks later Aaron wanted to join a gang, and his pidgeon would be the mascott of the club. But, Aarons mom said the boys were mean so Aaron couldn't join the club. A month later it was Aaron's grandma's birthday, so Aaron thought a pidgeon would be a good present, because his grandma loved birds! The day before his grandma's birthday Aaron was told from the club that he had a badge and was accepted in the club for this afternoon. So Aaron quickly went to go get his pidgeon and went to the clubhouse were the boys were waiting for him. When he got their Carl the leader of the club took the pidgeon and almost threw him in the fire but it flew away just in time. Now Aaron had no gift for his grandma, but his grandma said the best gift from Aaron was that the pidgeon is free and Aaron saved his life!


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