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A Rainbow Game, Created by Miss Futrell

The following information will be helpful in understanding rainbows and will be helpful in playing this game. You do not have to reread this information everytime it appears on a new screen, but you can reread it when you want.
Rainbows are only made when there is sunshine and rain at the same time.
"Normal" light, which scientists call "white" light, comes from the sun and goes through each raindrop. White light is actually made of seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.
Each of these colors travels at a different speed. The red is the fastest. Orange is the second fastest, and violet is the slowest.
White light gets bent when it goes through the first side of a raindrop (which acts like a prism). Red light is bent the least because it travels the fastest, and violet is bent the most because it travels the slowest.
Because the colors are bent different amounts, they are separated from each other inside the prism and do not hit the second side of the prism in the same place. When the colors go through the second side of the prism, they are bent and separated even more from each other.
Each raindrop, which acts like a prism, has all seven of the colors come out of it, but only one color from each raindrop is aimed toward the place your eyes are. The other colors from that raindrop are aimed above your eyes or below your eyes, and you cannot see those other colors from that raindrop. Each color you see is coming from a different raindrop, because each raindrop can only aim one color toward the place your eyes are.


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