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Chapter 31 Ablatives with Passive Voice

The ablative case is used in a passive sentence to indicate who or what performed the action of the verb; it is usually translated into English using "by". 1) I was scolded by mother . 2) I was carried by a cart . Rule for Latin: When the passive action is done by a person use the preposition a or ab with the ablative. See example 1 above. This is called the ablative of agent. This preposition is always translated 'by" when it is used with people. When the passive action is done by something other than a person , use an ablative of means without a preposition . See example 2 above. This is the ablative of means we have been using since Latin 1. This ablative can be translated "by" or "with". Give the correct translation for the missing Latin phrases (indicated by an asterisk) in these sentences.

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