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The Circulatory System

In this activity, you have to answer questions about the circulatory system. Each question will have a choice of four different answers. In order to move ahead in the game you must choose the correct answer. Good Luck and Have Fun!!

1,000,000 stars
500,000 stars
250,000 stars
128,000 stars
64,000 stars
32,000 stars
16,000 stars
8,000 stars
4,000 stars
2,000 stars
1,000 stars
500 stars
400 stars
300 stars
Gold Star 200 stars
What happens to the heart when muscles work harder?

  the heart gets tired
  the heart pumps blood slowly so the muscles can relax
  the heart pumps blood faster so the muscles get more oxygen
  the heart slows down

Hints Available: Hint Hint Hint
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