Scavenger Hunt: Track down answers using the Internet links provided.

States of Matter Scavenger Hunt

Are you ready to take the challenge of finding all the information that is needded to become a B.A.D. scavenger hunter??? Just a warning, this is not for the weak hearted.
The number in the Parentheses signifies the link that the answer is found in, but you might have to click links within that one to find the right answer. All you have to type in the answer blank is the letter that corresponds to the answer for the question. Answers can be used more than once.

Example (1) = States of Matter


A) Gas turning into a liquid
B) Gas turning into a solid
C) Gas turning into a plasma
D) Liquid turning into a gas
E) Liquid turning into a solid
F) Liquid turning into a plasma
G) Solid turning into a gas
H) Solid turning into a liquid
I) Solid turning into a plasma
J) Plasma turning into a liquid
K) Plasma turning into a solid
L) Plasma turning into a gas
M) Move past one another easily, andt hey are not
close but not in an even arrangement
N) Particles move rapidly and there are much
larger spaces between them
O) VERY Rapidly, electrically charged, and
destructive when the particles run into each
P) Very little, in a tight, regular pattern
Q) Increases
R) Decreases
S) Stays the same
T) assumes the shape of the part of the container
which it occupies
U) retains a fixed volume and shape
V) assumes the shape and volume of its container
W) Heat is given off during the reaction
X) Results in a overall lower teperature
Y) Heat is being absorbed by the reaction
Z) Results in a overall higher teperature


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