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Roller Coaster Physics

use this to help you fill out your worksheet. Only place the letters in front of the answer in the blank.
This will only help you with numbers 1-9, 12,13
A) 0 j
B) 5 j
B) 10 J
C) 15 j
D) 20 J
E) Doesn't work, not enough PE so there is not enough KE to make the roller coaster work
F) Works because there is enough PE in the beginning to change into KE and make the roller coaster work
G) 0%
H) 10%
I) 90%
J) 100%
K) Max
L) Min
M) KE - PE = ME
N) KE + PE = ME
O) 0% for PE and 100% for KE
P) 10% for PE and 90% for KE
Q) 90% for PE and 10% for KE
R) 100% for PE and 0% for KE
S) 0% for KE and 100% for PE
T) 10% for KE and 90% for PE
U) 90% for KE and 10% for PE
V) 100% for KE and 0% for PE
W) mass and acceleration
X) mass and speed
Y) mass and velocity
Z) weight and height
aa) weight and length
ab) weight and mass
ac) weight and speed
ad) 2000J
ae) 4000J
af) 50 J
ag) 1000J
ah) 4468J


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