CB Coach Performance Evaluation by Players -Field Hockey 2019-2020

The following evaluation is strictly confidential and will be used by the administration to provide constructive feedback to the coach.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Coach's Name:
    Pat Toner
    Kelli Chioffe

  1. Date:*

  1. Select one of the following that pertains to you:*
    Varsity Starter
    Varsity Sub
    Varsity Little Playing Time
    JV Starter
    JV Sub
    JV Little Playing Time
    Freshman Team Member

  1. Please evaluate your HEAD COACH using the following scale: 5=Excellent, 3=Average, 1=Poor, and N/A = Unable to Assess*

            1 2 3 4 5       N/A
      Possesses knowledge of the sport. Poor Excellent  
      Teaches the fundamentals of the sport. Poor Excellent  
      Implements proper strength and conditioning programs. Poor Excellent  
      Conducts well-planned and organized practices. Poor Excellent  
      Team is prepared to play the game. Poor Excellent  
      Develops a positive attitude within the team. Poor Excellent  
      Shows an ability to motivate the team throughout the season. Poor Excellent  
      Emphasizes academic success with the players. Poor Excellent  
      Establishes realistic and achievable team goals. Poor Excellent  
      Exhibits enthusiasm during practice and games. Poor Excellent  
      Motivates players in a positive manner. Poor Excellent  
      Teaches positive sportsmanship and values. Poor Excellent  
      Maintains self and team discipline. Poor Excellent  
      Enforces fairly the rules of the team. Poor Excellent  
      Creates a positive learning environment within the team. Poor Excellent  
      Conducts self in a professional manner to the team, parents, officials, and media. Poor Excellent  
      Communicates with players. Poor Excellent  
      Communicates with parents. Poor Excellent  
      Creates a safe environment for all team members. Poor Excellent  

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Mr. Cathers