Parent Tech Survey

This survey is about your child's education and your ideas about how your school is preparing your child for their future. All answers are confidential.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your input.

  1. Are you a
    Other relative or guardian

  1. Which school(s) do your child or children attend(s) in the school district.

  1. What kind of computer access do you have at home?
    A computer with no Internet access
    A computer with "dial-up" or slow Internet access
    A computer with "DSL," "Cable" or fast Internet access
    I do not have computer access at home

  1. How would you like to hear from your chlld's school about events, news, homework, attendance, or your child's performance? (Choose the best way to reach you.)
    Flyers and newsletters sent home with my children
    Announcements posted on school or district websites
    Emails sent to my home email address
    Emails sent to my work email address
    Phone calls
    A classroom website where i can check on my child's homework and grades
    An online blog updated by my child's teacher daily
    Text messages to my cell phone
    Information mailed to my home address

  1. I would like to be able to access the following information in an easy to use website: (Choose all that apply.)
    My child's attendance, academic progress, and grades
    Powerpoints and materials from teachers' lessons
    A teacher blog of daily or weekly lessons
    A school calendar, general school news, and timely alerts and reminders (snowdays, fieldtrips, etc.)
    Homework assignments
    Comparative test scores across the district, state, and nation
    A bulletin board or email link for suggestions and questions from me to my child's teacher or principal
    Resources for parents about helping our children with their schoolwork
    Information about standardized testing and test scores
    None of the above

  1. Are you satisfied with the technology at your child's school? Which of the following would you rate as "acceptable"? (Select all that apply.)
    Amount of technology available to students
    Quality of hardware and software
    Internet safety and privacy of personal information
    Teacher skills in using technology
    Technology skills my child learns
    How technology is integrated into other subject areas
    The amount of time spent with technology
    Access to information not available anywhere else
    Priority placed on uisng technology
    None of the above
    I don't know what technology is available at my child's school

  1. Which of the following worries you about your child(ren)'s technology use, both in school and out of school? (Choose as many as apply.)
    Online bullying (cyberbullying)
    Privacy and security
    Advertising and spam
    Websites that are inappropriate for my child
    Digital divide - lack of access for all students to technology
    Plagiarism and cheating
    Not enough girls using technology
    Safety from online predators
    Too much time on computers
    None of the above

  1. If you were on a technology committee for a new school, which of these would you recommend as a good investment to improve student achievement?
    A useful school website
    Laptops for students to use at school
    Laptops that students can use at school and take home
    Computers in classrooms
    Wireless Internet access throughout the school
    Digital cameras, video equipment and a film studio
    Software to support academic subjects
    iPods for student and teacher use
    Advanced computer classes for students
    TVs, DVDs and Projectors for the classrooms
    Selling or loaning computer equipment to families for use at home
    Staff development days for teachers to learn about teaching with technology
    Online classes for students
    Tools to help parents and teachers communicate

  1. Is your child's school doing a good job preparing your child to compete for the jobs and careers of the 21st century?
    Not sure
    No opinion

  1. How do your children use computers at home? (Select all that apply.)
    Personal research on the Internet
    Homework assignments using the Internet
    Word Processing, spreadsheet and PowerPoint for homework
    Online chats with friends
    Computer games
    Download music, games and videos
    No computer at home

  1. In which of these areas does your child mention their teachers using computers? (Select all that apply.)
    Social Studies
    Language Arts
    Music / Art
    Health / PE
    World Language

  1. Is it important that the district maintain state of the art technology to provide a quality education for your child?
    Not sure