Senior Exit Survey for Kealakehe High School Class of 2007

As part of their responsibility, each senior will be responsible to complete a senior exit. This will take place in early May in their Citizenship class taken to the library.


  1. Think about your high school education in KHS. Which of the following experiences in hgh school would rate as excellent or good? MARK ALL ANSWER CHOICES THAT APPLY.
    Academic Experiences
    Math instruction
    Science instruction
    Social science instruction
    English instruction
    Foregin language instruction
    Technology instruction
    Career education instruction
    Educational Support Experiences
    Development of your 4 year career plan
    School counseling services
    Flexibility to select courses
    Grading procedures
    Textbooks and instructional materials
    Extra-curriculary Experiences
    Being with friends
    Participating in school clubs
    Participating in musicals, plays, etc.
    Attending sports events
    Participating in sports

  1. What interfered with your KHS high school education? MARK ALL ANSWER CHOICES THAT APPLY.
    Family obligations
    Job outside of school
    Activities outside of school
    Worries about not having enough money
    Parents who don't care how I do in school
    No place to study
    Poor study habits
    Difficulty speaking English
    Being sick frequently
    Peer Pressure
    Not getting along with others
    Not feeling part of the school
    Not fitting into any peer group
    Difficult courses
    Poor class instruction
    Teachers don't encourage me
    Not having choices of courses I want
    Worried about my safety at school
    Time spent watching TV, videos, etc.
    Other, please write here:_________________________________

  1. What will you do after high school graduation (Fall 2007)?
    Attend a 2-year college full-time
    Attend a 2-year college part-time
    Attend a 4-year college or university full-time
    Attend a 4-year college or university part-time
    Attend a trade, technical, or business school full-time
    Attend a trade, technical, or business school part-tme
    Work full-time in job related to high school courses
    Work part-tme in job related to high school courses
    Work full-time in job unrelated to high school courses
    Work part-time in job unrelated to high school courses
    Enter military full-time
    Enter military part-time
    Other, please speficy:______________________________________

  1. What is the highest degree you expect to receive? MARK ONE ANSWER CHOICE.
    High School Diploma
    Associate's or trade/businees/technical degree
    Bachelor's degree
    Master's degree
    Doctorate (Ph.D) degree or professional (M.D., J.D.)

  1. If you are going to college or university, which college or university have you applied to:
    A.______________________ACCEPTED____NOT YET_____
    B. _____________________ACCEPTED____NOT YET_____
    C. ____________________ACCEPTED_____NOT YET_____
    D. ____________________ACCEPTED____NOT YET______

  1. If you are planning on working after graduation, which areas would you request more assistance with: MARK ALL ANSWER CHOICES THAT APPLY.
    How to find a job
    Interview skills
    Writing a resume
    High school classes that would have helped me prepare for a job
    Career Shadowing experience

  1. If you plans are to go on to higher education, which area would you like more assistance with: MARK ALL ANSWER CHOICES THAT APPLY.
    How to get into college/College admissions
    How to find a college that is best for me
    College entrance exams, SAT/ACT (How to prepare for them)
    Financial Aid
    How to match up a career with myself! What do I study in college.

  1. When do you think is a good time for the Career Center to assist you in acquiring work or college skills?
    9th grade
    10th grade
    11th grade
    12th grade

  1. How often have you seen your counselor or visited the career center for your college assistance this year?
    One time
    2-3 times
    4-5 times
    More than 5 times

  1. How often have you visited your on-line account of ECOS, Educational Career Opportunity System to assist you during your your 4 years of high school?

    2-3 times
    4-5 times
    6-8 times
    More than 10 times

  1. Career and Technical Education Programs: I have completed the required courses and earned my certificate in a Career and Technical program concentration.

  1. I have earned the industry credential for my Career and Technical concentration area.

  1. Job Experience While In High School
    a. Work-based learning experience
    b. Part-time work
    c. Summer job
    d. None
    e. Other:________________________________________

  1. Future Plans: My plan immediately after high school is to live:
    a. Independently in my own place
    b. With famiy or friends
    c. in a dormitory or on a military base
    d. At home
    e. In group home/shared apartment
    f. Other:_________________________________________

  1. If you will be attending a college/university or other educational institutional, are you receiving a scholarship or financial aid?
    Yes Name the scholarship or financial aid:_____________

Teacher/Curriculum Coordinator