Student Survey Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Project - 2007-------- Mike Biell

Please take a minute to answer these questions about your classroom experience and instructor

  1. What activities/methods have been offered to you in the classroom?
    (Check all that apply)
    Small group activities
    Large group activities (games, contests, etc.)
    Individual work (one-on-one)
    Instructor demonstration
    Hands on exploration
    Visual aids (posters, white board, overheads, video, computer)
    Listening/auditory (podcasts, screen reader, etc.)

  1. Does your instructor do any of following?
    (Check all that apply)

    Uses different color markers on the whiteboard
    Lets you change seats in order to hear or see better
    Explains how assignments fit with the class or program goals
    Gives verbal and written instructions for each assignment

  1. As compared to classes with mostly talk (lecture), how did having any of the items listed above impact your ability to learn? (Check only one)
    Very negative
    Somewhat negative
    Somewhat positive
    Very positive

  1. How much would you say your Instructor cares?
    (Check only one)
    No caring
    A little caring
    Some caring
    Quite caring
    Extremely caring

  1. In addition to those items listed above, your instructor uses the following learning strategies.
    (Check all that are helpful to you)

    Putting material on handouts
    Ability to print out 'outline view' of lecture notes
    Having files made available to students on the shared drive
    Getting assignments and programs via e-mail
    Using on-line quizzes
    Using Powerpoints with lectures
    Using Smartboard with lectures
    Using a projector to view Instructor PC on screen
    Having any homework due clearly posted in the Whiteboard
    Having a bulletin board with information on Scholarships and Volunteer Projects
    Having a Program Web site with information on the program
    Having a central computer workstation available to scan or copy material onto CD's, Floppies, Zip Drives, or USB drives
    Having Adaptive Technology (like ZoomText, etc) available on central workstation
    Having Adaptive Technology (like WynnReader, etc.) available on PC's in class
    Having hands-on exercises to reinforce concepts introduced in lectures
    Having the Instructor point out the applicability of concepts to real-life situations
    Having the Instructor give out a pink Student Self Assessment Survey early in the quarter
    Having the Instructor give out yellow Student Learning Preferences Survey early in the quarter

  1. Do you have any suggestions that might make it easier for future students to learn in your classroom?

  1. Would you be willing to be interviewed about your school experiences?

  1. If Yes, please print your name and where we can contact you?