Computer/Program Knowledge Survey

This survey is designed to accumulate information about
the frequency and knowledge of various computer
tasks and programs used by teachers.

Please pick the best answer for EVERY question.


  1. I use a computer. . .

    all day
    once or twice a day
    once every few days
    once or twice a a week

  1. Rank these computer operating sytems in order of preference.

        1 2 3 4 5
    Apple OS IX (Classic)  
    Apple OS X  
    Windows 2000  
    Windows XP  
    Windows Vista  

  1. When researching on the world wide web my first choice of web browser is

  1. When using a word processor, I prefer Appleworks over Microsoft Word.


  1. When creating or editing a text file;
    using the copy, cut and paste functions are . . .

    as easy as pie - a piece of cake!
    as easy as regular excercise
    as easy as keeping a New Years resolution
    as easy as brain surgery

  1. Rank the following in order of preference for listening to music.

        1 2 3 4 5
    Windows Media Player  
    Sound Studio  
    Doesn't matter - whatever's available  

  1. My comfortability with digital audio is . . .

  1. I use a digital camera to . . .

  1. When it comes to downloading and editing digital video;
    I would describe myself as . . .

  1. If I could now learn one more thing about computers or software,
    and learn it well, my first choice would be . . .

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