Course Readiness Review

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  1. Course and Instructor Reviewed:

  1. Course Homepage Components:

            1 2       see comments below
      Course identification banner  No Yes  
      Identifies how to get started No Yes  
      Link to online student support No Yes  

  1. Comments on Course Homepage Components:

  1. Introductory Content

            1 2       see comments below
      Instructor contact info & availability No Yes  
      Syllabus- uses CCC's components & outline No Yes  
      Schedule, due dates & late policy No Yes  
      Explanation of course structure, learner participation & expectations  No Yes  
      ADA statement No Yes  

  1. Comments on Introductory Content:

  1. Course Set Up

            1 2       see comments below
      Folder organization and file-naming standard used No Yes  
      Web CT tools appropriately used  No Yes  
      Release criteria and viewing options set correctly  No Yes  

  1. Comments on Course Set Up

  1. Course Organization

            1 2       see comments below
      site navigation is clear & consistent No Yes  
      content organization is consistent No Yes  
      menu options and heirarchy is correct No Yes  
      identifies resources for each learning segment No Yes  
      identifies measurable objectives for each learning segment No Yes  
      provides instructions & assessment criteria for each learning segment No Yes  

  1. Comments for Course Organization:

  1. Learning Content & Activities

            1 2       see comments below
      sufficient resources to support objectives No Yes  
      clearly identifies textbook & other materials No Yes  
      links work No Yes  
      instructor-created content (html files, breeze, PPT, etc.) works/viewable No Yes  
      graphics & images are web-ready & viewable No Yes  
      learning activities support course objectives No Yes  

  1. Comments for Learning Content & Resources

  1. Course Communication

            1 2       see comments below
      Provides method for teacher-student communication No Yes  
      Provides method for peer-peer communication No Yes  
      Discussion area provides instruction for posting & responding to comments No Yes  
      Discussion area identifies expectations of learner participation No Yes  

  1. Comments for Course Communication:

  1. Assessment

            1 2       see comments below
      Clearly articulates the use of summative & formative assessments No Yes  
      Provides multi-perspective feedback No Yes  
      Key performances are aligned with outcomes No Yes  
      Clear grading policy & process No Yes  

  1. Comments for Assessment:

  1. Web CT tools & technology used in this course:
    Discussion Board
    Learning Modules
    StudyMate activities
    Breeze presentations
    video clips
    blogs or wikis
    other (see comments below)

  1. Comments on technology use:

  1. Reviewer's name: