Staff Development Survey - *Linden's 2007*

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  1. What skills/curriculum areas would you like to learn more about to infuse into your classroom? Please check at least one and no more than three.
    learning strategies for differentiated instruction
    incorporated more team-building activities in class and
    visiting cooperative learning
    discussing classroom management
    discussing classroom behavior management
    four square and writing curriculum
    math problem-solving skills
    Response to intervention strategies
    learning about the book conferencing model for reading
    PEN identification process
    Reading and discussing educational trends/professional materials
    Creating website banks for curriculum/grade level
    developing technology skills (Kronos/gradebook, Podcasting, quia website, whiteboard, etc.)

  1. How would you like the staff development done in our building?
    one two-hour meeting a month in the PM
    two one-hour meetings a month in the AM
    two one-hour meetings a month in the PM
    two meetings a month with one in AM and one in PM

  1. Please add any comments about staff development or potential ideas or presenters (including yourself!)