GeNeRaTiOn NeXt

Your answers will help us make recommendations to teachers, schools and others who want to improve how they explain career choices to young adults. The first set of questions ask you about your future career and education plans, and the second set asks you about personal preferences.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. How certain are you that you know what career and/or education path you want to pursue after high school? (choose one)*
    very certain
    sorta unsure
    not a clue

  1. Depending on your answer to Question 1, what has helped or not helped in your future planning? *

  1. How long did it take you to decide on a career path?*
    knew what I wanted to do since I was a little kid
    had general ideas, but it took me a while to figure out what I liked
    I'm still trying to figure this out!

  1. What is the hardest part of making a career choice? *
    what other people say/think about my decisions
    if I can afford college/training
    seems hard to get into the career I want - unclear where to start
    having to choose something now feels like it might limit me in the future
    Just don't think I have all/enough information on what my options are

  1. Who has had the greatest influence on your future career/education decisions?*
    career counselor at school
    exposure from media and online information

  1. Depending on who you said had the greatest influence on you in Question 5, why have they been the most influential? *

  1. Thinking about your future career, how will you define professional success? *
    I've made a contribution to my community/world
    I've been a leader
    I've made a good living
    My job won't define who I am
    I've worked with many people for a single goal
    I own a company/I am my own boss

  1. What do you think is the worst thing about working? *
    boredom or a dull routine
    making a low or moderate wage
    no balance between work and my outside interests
    not being able to make decisions/be an expert or authority
    feeling like I was working in a job that didn't lead to a good result for my community

  1. What are the top 3 things that make you feel like you are doing good in school, or on the job (if you have a job right now)?
    allowance or paycheck keeps coming
    regular (weekly, monthly) feedback from my teacher, boss, parents
    report card or job evaluation (infrequent)
    I don't need anyone to reassure me in any way
    awards or incentives
    it shows in the trust my parents/teachers/employers give me
    when I show that I'm responsible, I'm given better/interesting things to do

  1. What do you wish parents, teachers, career counselors or other adults would ask you about your career plans? *

  1. What do you wish parents, teachers, career counselors or other adults would be willing to tell you about what they went through to make a career choice? *

  1. I expect to work for these many employers in the future*
    only one - I know what company I'd want to stay with
    2 -4 different companies
    6 -8 different companies
    10 or more

  1. How many different types of jobs do you think you'll hold in the future (with the same skill sets OR with a change in profession)? *
    only one - expecting to be a specialist in my chosen field
    I bet I'll switch jobs 3 - 5 times
    I know I won't do what I'm planning for in a decade - I'll be doing something completely different

  1. What do you think matters most to your friends and peers in selecting a career path?*
    what other people think
    flexibility - want to be able to move and change
    making money

  1. I am this kind of learner:*
    visual - I need to see something
    auditory - I can listen to my teacher or someone else and get the picture
    hands-on - I've got to do something to learn it

  1. Mark all the technology interfaces you are comfortable using*
    text messaging
    online chat rooms/discussion boards
    I can design computer programs/web pages
    ipods (not just for music, either)

  1. I think adults currently in the workforce can use the technology I selected in Question 16

  1. At what age do you think adults stop understanding/remembering what it's like to be a young adult? (Select the earliest age group)*
    Around the age of 25
    50s and up
    As soon as they look old, they don't look like someone I can relate to

  1. Besides working, these are the top 3 things I want to do most with my adult life*
    get married
    have kids
    participate in sports, music, outside interests
    volunteer in my community or in another part of the country/world
    own a company/business
    own a home
    get a college degree(s)
    get into politics

  1. Considering what you selected in Question 19, how confident are you that you'll be able to do all these things*
    pretty sure
    don't know
    from what I see around me, don't think it's possible

  1. What are the top two issues you think your generation will have to fix?*
    equality issues (rights for all)

  1. This is the greatest influence in my life:*
    my family
    my education/educators
    my friends
    local and world news

  1. I own these things:*
    cell phone
    personal computer

  1. I've traveled...*
    only in Washington State
    around the country
    to other countries

  1. I think my peers are influenced the most by:*
    don't know