Media and Technology Instructional Survey

Beginning /End of year survey directed to the instructional staff that will highlight the needs for support that the Media Center can provide via direct instruction,materials, resources and technology(equipment).

Name (optional): 

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. My instructional needs would be would be enhanced if the media center provided...*

  1. The media center collections are weak in the following areas...*

  1. The materials that are most needed to support curriculum development are...*

  1. What subjects are not available as video materials that would most meet your instuctional needs?*

  1. What equipment or technology should be added to the Media Center and made available for check out ?*

  1. Has the Media Center been accessible to you?*

  1. Do you feel that there are adequate AR books available at all reading levels?*

  1. Do you feel that the Open Media checkout policy has worked well for your class?

  1. How did the SSYRA event provided by Media best engage your students, teach your students...
        1 2 3
    kept their interest  
    made them excited about reading  
    healthy competitonUnited Streaming  

  1. Which programs best served your current curriculum needs...United Streaming,Grolier Online, Inspiration/Kidspiration...
        1 2
    United Streaming  
    Grolier Online  

  1. Which of the following computer issues would you want to see addressed first..*
    computer lab versus media center
    more computers in the classrooms
    more laptops on carts

  1. Which databases most benefited your students...*
    United Streaming
    Grolier online
    Enchanted learning
    Compass Odyessey

  1. Which of the following software applications best suit the needs of your students..
    power point
    Garage band

  1. Choose one event type that you feel media should expand on next year...*
    Author visit
    book fair open/mike
    Dr. Seuss event

  1. How would you rate the overall presentation of the Morning Announcements?
    very good

Media Center Assistant
Virginia Young Elementary